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14 Examples of Issue Management

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Issue management is the process of identifying, communicating and treating issues. This treatment can involve mitigating, resolving or accepting issues. It is also common to have quick fixes such as workarounds implemented before additionally resolving the root cause of issues. The following are examples of what's involved in issue management.
Issue Monitoring
Reporting, feedback and communication processes such as status meetings that identify issues.
Issue Communication
Communicating issues in a timely manner.
Issue Analysis
Determining the impact and root cause of issues.
Issue Triage
Prioritizing issues and assigning resources to resolve them.
Initial Fix
Implementing quick fixes to address immediate symptoms of the issue.
Issue Escalation
Escalating issues to upper management to clear political roadblocks.
Resolution Planning
Deciding how to address an issue.
Issue Resolution
Implementing resolution.
Verification Testing
Testing the resolution.
Regression Testing
Retesting existing functionality potentially impacted by resolution.
Issue Tracking
Recording the issue and tracking its resolution.
Issue Reporting
Reporting the status of open issues.
Issue Closure
Closing issues potentially including acceptance sign-off.
Continuous Improvement
Identifying proactive things that can be done to prevent similar issues in future.

Issue Management

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