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Project objectives are the targets and goals of a project. These include target business outcomes such as revenue and cost reduction and meaningful steps towards outcomes such as products and processes. Project goals are typically designed to be SMART and are adopted at the time a project is proposed and initiated as a means to measure the performance of a project. The following are common examples of project objectives.
Increase revenue
Increase market share
Automate work
Support decisions with data and data analysis
Reduce overhead cost
Reduce unit cost
Improve design quality
Improve build quality
Add product features and functions
Improve product differentiation
Improve service quality
Improve service culture
Improve product or service reliability
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase brand recognition
Increase employee productivity
Eliminate waste
Streamline processes
Increase throughput such as the output of a production line
Decrease turnaround time
Launch new products
Enter new markets
Achieve market penetration
Diversify revenue
Solve customer problems
Improve the customer experience
Increase customer loyalty – customers that purchase regularly
Decrease customer acquisition cost
Improve customer retention
Build business capabilities
Build competitive advantages
Improve information security
Achieve regulatory compliance
Reduce environmental impact
Improve workplace safety
Improve working conditions
Increase employee productivity
Increase accountability and internal transparency
Manage risks
Mitigate a risk
Monitor risks
Solve a business problem
Support business processes with data
Introduce or improve productivity tools
Improve data quality
Integrate systems to reduce errors, cut costs or improve turnaround time
Integrate systems to support functions and features
Use facilities or capital more efficiently
Support partnerships with functions such as integration
Create transparency
Standardize work outputs
Test a concept
Create new knowledge
Create intellectual property
Improve work quality
Reduce time to market
Reduce the cost of future changes
Improve the speed of future changes
Build resilience such as disaster preparedness
Support creative processes
Support strategy and planning
Support cross-functional collaboration
Provide measurement, metrics and reporting capabilities

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