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 , December 16, 2021
Business outcomes are end-results that are beyond your direct control. This can be contrasted with objectives and goals that you can directly achieve. For example, launching a product is a goal and revenue from that product is an outcome. The following are illustrative examples of business outcomes.
Brand Culture
Brand Image
Brand Recognition
Brand Status
Business Financing / Refinancing
Closing Sales
Conversion Rate
Corporate / Brand Reputation
Customer Acquisition Cost
Customer Complaints / Service Inquiries
Customer Demand
Customer Experience
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Loyalty
Customer Ratings & Reviews
Customer Relationships
Customer Retention
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Engagement
Employee Experience
Employee Performance
Employee Productivity
Employee Retention
Employer Brand
Environmental Impact
Information Security
Input Costs
Inventory Turnover
Investor Relationships
Market Penetration
Market Share
Organizational Culture
Partner / Supplier Performance
Receivables Turnover
Regulatory Relationships
Revenue Per Customer
Risk Reduction
Sales Margins
Share of Wallet
Social Impact
Strategic Partnerships
Supply Chain Performance / Risk
User Engagement
Word of Mouth

Goals vs Outcomes

Business outcomes are end-goals that are beyond your direct control. For example, you can try to make employees satisfied with their roles but can't directly control things like corporate culture, employee satisfaction and retention of talent. It is common for firms to refer to all targets as business goals and to make no distinction between controllable targets and market results. For example, it is more common to describe revenue targets as goals than outcomes. It is characteristic of mature and advanced planning to list goals and outcomes separately whereby you focus on actionable goals that produce business outcomes.

Smart Goals

It is common to establish goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This can also be applied to outcomes.

Goals vs Objectives

Objectives are meaningful steps on the path to a goal. For example, delivering a prototype of a product. Many objectives may map to a goal and many goals may map to a business outcome. For example:
Design Product
Create Prototypes
Select Prototype to Develop
Develop Product
Launch Product

Launch new line of premium pencils.
Launch new line of leather pencil cases.
Improve quality of electric pencil sharpener products.

Business Outcomes
Close $25 million in distribution agreements with large ecommerce platforms and retailers.
Increase revenue by 30% YoY.
Improve customer reviews of products on major ecommerce platforms by 3 basis points.

Business Outcomes

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Brand Culture
Brand Image
Brand Recognition
Brand Status
Business Benefits
Business Goals
Business Outcomes
Closing Sales
Conversion Rate
Customer Loyalty
Customer Retention
Employee Retention
Market Penetration
Market Share
Revenue Examples
Risk Reduction
Share Of Wallet
User Engagement
Word Of Mouth
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