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19 Examples of Schedule Risk

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Schedule risk is the potential for a strategy, project or task to take longer than planned. A schedule typically includes forward-looking estimates that are inherently uncertain. As such, there is a risk that estimated durations, dependencies and assumptions built into a schedule will turn out to be inaccurate. The following are common examples of schedule risks.

Estimate Quality

Estimates of task complexity that are inaccurate.

Unplanned Dependencies

Unidentified dependencies in your schedule.

Dependency Risk

The risk that an important dependency will not be met resulting in broad delays.

Budget Risk

Cost overruns and other budget issues.

Resource Risk

Risks related to employees such as absenteeism or employee turnover.

Technology Risk

The risk that technology with be disrupted, unavailable or unfit for purpose.

Infrastructure Risk

The risk of infrastructure outages such as a closed road.

Facility Risk

Risks related to a facility such as a shutdown that impacts access to an office.

Partner Risk

Failures or low performance of a partner.

Performance Risk

The risk of low team performance.

Quality Risk

The potential for low quality deliverables that require rework.

Architecture Risk

An invalid structural design.

Design Risk

Problems with designs and a need to restart things at the design level.

Scope Creep

A tendency for scope to increase due to factors such as undocumented assumptions.

Dispute Risk

The risk that disputes will delay a project.

Weather Risk

Unexpected poor or severe weather.

Disaster Risk

The risk of major adverse events beyond your control such as a fire.

Cybersecurity Risk

The potential for a cybersecurity incident to derail or delay a project.

Regulatory Risk

The risk of delayed regulatory approvals such as permits.
Overview: Schedule Risk
The potential for a strategy, project or task to take longer than scheduled.
Specific Examples
A developer estimates a task duration of 5 days but takes 15 days to deliver due to unanticipated technical hurdles.
A schedule assumes that data center facility will be available for the testing phase of a project. However, a security incident delays access to the facility.
A previously unidentified dependency prevents a task from beginning as scheduled until a long running task is completed.
Risk Treatments
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