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5 Types of Subproject

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A subproject is a project that is a part of a larger project. Dividing work into subprojects is a basic project planning technique that can reduce complexity and with it risk and cost. The following are common types of subproject.


Dividing work into phases that each result in shippable product features and functions. A phase implies serial releases that are run one after the other without much overlap.

Prototypes & Experiments

Testing project approaches with a prototype or business experiment run as a subproject either as a phase or concurrently with other subprojects.

Functions & Features

Dividing work into subprojects by function and feature. For example, a website that is developed by 5 teams concurrently with work divided by page.


Dividing work by component. For example, development of a new aircraft with separate projects for components such as landing gear.

Supporting Projects

Projects that are designed to support launch such as subprojects that handle communications, marketing, facility preparation, training or data cleansing.
Overview: Subproject
A project that is a part of a larger project.
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