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14 Examples of Project Planning

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Project planning the process of coming to agreement about why a project exists, what it will produce, how it will be executed and controlled, when it will be completed and who is accountable and responsible. The output of project planning is an approved project plan including a baseline scope, budget and schedule. The following are common project planning deliverables.
Stakeholder Analysis
Identifying a RACI matrix of stakeholders.
Project Scope
A list of what is in and out of scope. Includes objectives, deliverables, constraints and assumptions.
Project Charter
Outlining the purpose, objectives, scope, stakeholders and high level plan for a project.
Work Breakdown Structure
A hierarchical decomposition of project work into deliverables, work packages and tasks.
Project Schedule
A timeline that includes start and end dates for project activities and milestones based on factors such as resources, duration and dependencies.
Project Budget
A financial plan for the project including estimated costs broken down by category or work package.
Resource Plan
A plan for the personnel, equipment, materials and facility requirements of a project.
Risk Management Plan
Identification of project risks with treatments for each and an outline of how risk will be managed and monitored.
Communication Plan
Outlines project communications such as meetings, documents and reporting. Identifies the timing and the role of stakeholders for each communication.
Quality Management Plan
An overview of project quality objectives, standards, roles and deliverables. Outlines both quality assurance and quality control processes for the project.
Procurement Plan
A plan for procuring external services and supplies.
Change Control Plan
How change requests will be accepted, prioritized and managed.
Project Governance
An outline of project control boards or similar governance structures for the project.
Project Management Plan
An overarching document that integrates all project planning artifacts. Provides a complete view of how the project will be managed, delivered and closed.

Project Planning

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