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21 Examples of Resource Allocation

Resource allocation is the process of making productive use of resources including labor, funds and capital such as machines, computers and buildings. This is a basic management function that includes long term planning cycles that will put resources to work in future and day-to-day management such as action items or production runs that make use of resources now. The following are common examples of resource allocation.
Action items
Budget planning
Business planning
Capacity management
Cost management - identifying idle resources and reducing waste
Equipment allocation
Goal setting - giving people a set of goals to deliver
Inventory management
Job responsibilities
Production planning
Production runs
Project management
Resource leveling – working resources at a sustainable pace instead of peaks and valleys
Resource planning
Resource scheduling e.g. booking meeting rooms
Staff scheduling
Task delegation
Team management – responsibility for team productivity
Time management
Work assignments
Workforce planning
Overview: Resource Allocation
The process of making productive use of resources including labor, funds and capital such as machines, computers and buildings.
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Resource Management

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