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13 Examples of Onboarding

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Onboarding is the process of supporting a new employee so that they can be quickly productive and satisfied in their new role. Although a full onboarding process can take up to a month, completing basic steps in the first day is typical. The following are examples of common onboarding activities.

Administrative Information

Collecting any information you need from the employee. Administrative processes are commonly completed before the employee's start date.

First Day Instructions

Providing employees with clear procedures and contacts such as an HR representative and the employee's manager.


Announcing the new employee to their team and/or department with a description of their role.


Providing employees with the identification, credentials and authorizations required to access office locations, documents, systems and resources that they need to perform their role.

Workspace & Assets

Providing employees with a desk, chair and assets such as computers and mobile devices.

Introductions & Welcome

Introducing the employee to their team and people they will work with at the firm. Doing something social such as a team lunch is a common norm.

Meet Human Resources

A meeting with human resources to give the employee color about the firm's organizational culture such as norms, history, values and expectations.

Meet the Boss

A new employee typically needs much direction and a meeting with their manager on the first day is a reasonable expectation.


Showing the employee around the office and giving them advice on how things work.


Providing the employee with information sources such as documents and media that they may require or are expected to learn. For example, providing them with an employee manual.


Training in areas such as a firm's products, processes, systems, procedures and rules.


It is common for large or mid-sized firms to hold a monthly orientation for all new hires that feature presentations from the firm's leadership and overviews of important information such as compliance rules. Orientation often has a social aspect such as a team building event.

Goal Setting

The employee and their manager work together to establish an initial set of goals that will be used to evaluate performance.
Overview: Onboarding
The process of supporting a new employee so that they can be quickly productive and satisfied in their new role.
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