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52 Examples of People Management

People management is the practice of directing and supporting employees to achieve productivity. This includes the process of goal setting and work assignment alongside support such as onboarding, training, issue clearing and cultivating a team culture. People managers may be responsible for the performance of teams including projects, operational processes and services. The following are common examples of people management functions and responsibilities.
Addressing absenteeism
Advocating for team
Change management – leading change
Clearing issues
Conflict resolution
Consensus building
Constructive criticism
Decision making
Employee administration
Employee benefits
Employee communications
Employee compensation
Employee disciplinary actions
Employee engagement
Employee feedback
Employee lifestyle processes
Employee recognition programs
Employee relations
Employee retention
Employee satisfaction
Employee supervision
Employee support
Employee terminations
Employee training & development
Employer branding
Ensuring compliance
Ethical standards
Event planning
Goal setting
Maintaining confidentiality
Maintaining professional standards
Meeting management
Monitor progress
People development
Performance improvement
Performance management
Performance standards
Prioritizing work
Problem solving
Promotions & advancement
Reviewing work quality
Setting expectations
Stakeholder management
Talent planning
Team culture
Team meetings
Team reporting
Work assignment
Work scheduling
Workforce planning
Overview: People Management
The practice of directing and supporting employees to achieve productivity.
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