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10 Examples of Respect For Time

Respect for time is the mindset that time is a precious resource that is not to be wasted. Time is an unusual dimension and resource as it travels in one direction from past to present and can't be undone. As such, you only get one chance to make proper use of time that you are given. The following are illustrative examples of respect for time.

Overcoming the Past

Avoiding dwelling in the past or becoming bogged down by negative emotions such as regret, bitterness and resentment. The past is there for you to enjoy and learn from but can be mistake to spend too much time there.

Present Mindedness

As with the past, the future can be a waste of time. People spend a remarkable amount of time outside the present -- thinking about an insult they suffered in the morning -- thinking about what they will do an hour from now. Respect for time calls for a passionate embrace of the moment without obsessing about past and future.

Closing Doors

Deciding what you will not do and discontinuing things in order to preserve time.

Sidelining Time Burglars

A time burglar is a person or thing that is taking up your time in a way that is wasteful. For example, a neighbor who gossips to you for a long time every time you try to walk your dog. It is wonderful to take events as they occur without being too intense about your time. However, there are situations where it makes sense to sideline time burglars. For example, ditching a cheap printer that is constantly out of ink cartridges for an ink tank printer that can print for years without a refill.


Productivity is basic economic gravity -- the amount of value that you produce in an hour of effort. Increases in productivity can massively save time or improve your standard of living.


Trying hard and doing what it takes to win your goals.

Recognizing Failure

The most difficult time management situation is to recognize the difference between positive determination and persistence and the irrational and damaging continuation of a failed effort. A strategy of "failure is not an option" is likely to waste massive amounts of time.

Fail Well

Designing your efforts to fail quickly, cheaply and safely. For example, testing out your ideas at very small scale before spending years on them.

Respecting Other People's Time

Respecting other people's time so that you can create social reciprocity and culture of respecting time around you. For example, giving family members your full attention when they request it and establishing the expectation that they try to do the same for you.


This may be cliche but respect for time is not about doing things fast it is about doing them well. Respect for time may call for intensive and chaotic work processes that gets something done. It may also call for humble appreciation of important moments before they escape from you.


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