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23 Examples of More With Less

More with less is the process of improving the productivity and efficiency of work whereby you get more done with an hour of effort or unit of a resource. This should not be confused with minimalism -- an ideology that reduces things for aesthetic or philosophical reasons without concern for producing more. The following are basic examples of more with less.
Essential Complexity
Pursue neither minimalism nor needless complexity. Keep things as complex as they need to be.
Right Levels
Avoid over-ordering, overproduction and stocking things to excess.
Right Place
Minimize commute, travel and transport of goods. Try to do things close to where you are.
Right Quality
Do things right the first time -- obsess over work quality to avoid repeating things and wasting defective products.
Right Communication
Avoid overcommunicating, respect time in meetings, cancel unnecessary meetings, avoid over-socializing every little decision.
Right Synchronicity
Avoiding dividing work amongst too many people. Avoid overloading a single resource such that they become a bottleneck.
Never Idle
Never spend time waiting for things -- remain productive while waiting.
Make things lighter and smaller where possible. Better yet, replace physical things with intangible things.
Creative Reuse
Reusing things and potentially upcycling them to increase their value.
Right Value
Pour your work into things where you have some talent or competitive advantage. Try to outsource everything else.
Right Talent
Talented individuals can have an order of magnitude higher throughput than average. Hire talent and help people to master their professions.
Right Scale
The bigger you become the more you will be able to lower unit costs.
Work Queues
Give team members a great deal of work that is put on a queue to be completed at a sustainable pace. Nobody should ever be idle or waiting for an assignment.
Process Reinvention
Continually improve processes or better yet reinvent them if they can be improved in some massive way.
Group similar tasks together as a means to improve productivity. For example, answer emails for an hour and then work for several hours without checking email.
Single Tasking
Focus on a task without distraction.
Keep it simple -- avoid overthinking, overdoing and over-explaining.
Design Thinking
Apply design to all work -- design out problems.
Create scripts and other automations that reduce human toil.
Continually upgrade, optimize and improve your tools.
Deal with the world as it is to get things done with neither the wishful thinking of optimism or the inaction of pessimism.
Fail Well
Designing things to fail quickly, cheaply and safely -- if they will fail at all.
Right Thing
Do the right thing in the first place. For example, running a sanity check on your strategy -- does this make any sense at all?


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