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4 Examples of Time Poor

Time poor is a term for individuals who have little or no free time to spend in a discretionary way.

Money-Rich, Time Poor

The paradoxical situation where professions and pursuits that generate significant money may leave little time to enjoy these resources. For example, people who work long hours may be unusually productive and may outcompete those who work shorter hours such that they enjoy significant income over the course of their career. In some cases, such individuals are completely unhappy due to a lack of leisure, sleep, exercise, personal reflection, adventure, social interaction or adequate time to fulfill duties such as parenting.

Working Poor

In countries with a low minimum wage and poor social safety net it is common for the working poor to work long hours and have multiple jobs.

Unpaid Work

Beyond money generating work, people may have obligations such as family that consume large amounts of time. For example, a single mother or father who works long hours and also does housework and activities with children such as helping with homework.

Rights of the Child

Children who are pushed too hard to study may also be time poor. This may stunt their development as they miss out on play or even sleep. The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes play as a right.


Time is the primary resource that has a hard limit as the human lifespan can't currently be extended much beyond 120 years and most people live nowhere near this long. At the level of physics and philosophy, the universe appears to be so large that it effectively has limitless space and resources but time appears to be a somewhat inflexible constraint.
Overview: Time Poor
A lack of time that can be spent in a discretionary way.
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