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8 Examples of Single Tasking

 , June 30, 2017
Single tasking is the practice of focusing on tasks and activities without distraction. It is intended to improve productivity and work quality. The following are common examples of single tasking.

Meeting Management

Managing meetings to address one issue at a time as opposed to talking about 10 issues concurrently.


Multitasking often results from a lack of prioritization whereby a person tries to do everything at once. Single tasking requires one task or activity to be prioritized.


Designating a clear time slot for a task or activity.


Establishing a workspace that is reasonable free of interruptions and distraction.


Disconnecting from distracting information and communications such as social media, news and messaging apps. Depending on your responsibilities, it may be reasonable to completely disconnect for a few hours.

Work Ritual

Establishing a work ritual that gets you in the right frame of mind for the task or activity at hand. These are specific to an individual and may include things like listening to music or preparing an adequate supply of coffee.


Using tools that allow you to flow. For example, avoid using clunky user interfaces that force you through technical hurdles.


Learning to intensely concentrate on things and be in the moment.
Overview: Single Tasking
DefinitionThe practice of focusing on tasks and activities without distraction.
Also Known AsSerial tasking
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