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Customer Motivation

37 Examples of Customer Incentives

Customer incentives are rewards for customer behavior such as making a purchase, referring a friend or writing a review. These differ from price promotions as they involve giving the customer something. The following are common examples of customer incentives.
Access to services such as a airport lounge
Cashback rewards
Complimentary upgrades
Consultations or advice
Coupons and promo codes
Discounts on purchases
Donation to a charity
Early access to new products
Early access to sales
Event access
Exclusive offers
Expedited delivery
Extended warranties or return policies
Free customization
Free gift wrapping
Free installation
Free samples
Free shipping and delivery
Free support services
Free training
Free trials
Free upgrades
Gamification elements such as achieving levels or badges
Gift cards
Increased program status
Increased support levels
Loyalty reward programs
Personal attention e.g. a dedicated representative the customer can contact at any time
Premium versions of products and services e.g. upgrade to first class seat
Priority service e.g. a special counter for high status loyalty members
Rebates and mail-in offers
Redeemable points
Referral programs
Refund guarantees
Trade-in programs
Upgraded service levels e.g. higher storage limits for a cloud service
In the case of business services, it is often useful to try to give rewards directly to employees as opposed to the business itself. For example, an airline that often upgrades the seats of frequent business travelers, even when they are on a personal trip with their family.
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