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35 Examples of Team Outcomes

Team outcomes are real world results of team efforts such as programs, projects and initiatives. This can be contrasted with objectives which are direct work outputs and deliverables. Traditionally, most teams are managed by objectives as these are fully within every team's control. It is also possible to manage teams by outcomes whereby there are no points for delivering work -- its results that matter. The following are common examples of team outcomes.
Productivity such as units of output per hour
Customer satisfaction ratings
Net promoter score
Brand recognition measures
Reduction in cost per unit
Reduction in overhead cost
Win rate of sales
Product review scores
Efficiency such as resource consumption per unit
Reduced absenteeism
Reduced errors
Reduced incidents
Resolving a problem
Business volumes such as visits
Project completion times
Project schedule variance
Project budget variance
Defect rate
Market share
Revenue per customer / client
Stakeholder satisfaction rate
Customer loyalty such as purchases per month
Turnaround time of a process
Forecasting accuracy
Reduced risk exposure
Customer retention rate
Customer acquisition cost
Conversion rate
Time-to-market such as concept-to-launch
Employee satisfaction ratings
Employee retention rate
Employee engagement score
Quality of work – such as defect rate or stakeholder satisfaction
Traditionally, top level executives are evaluated according to outcomes such as revenue and cost. It is also common for the performance of sales teams to be evaluated according to revenue outcomes such as closed deals and deal margins.

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