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40 Examples of Team Metrics

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Team metrics are measurements of team performance and objectives. These are typically reported in a team status report or similar artifact. Team metrics include universal metrics such as productivity rate that can be applied to any team. They also include metrics are are specific to operational teams or business units that are revenue generating.
Absenteeism rate
Average handle time – average time to service a ticket or request
Cost efficiency – such as cost per unit
Cost of defects
Cost of quality
Cost of risk
Cost reduction
Cost variance
Cycle time – average time for one process iteration
Defect density
Defect rate
Employee satisfaction
Employee turnover rate
Escalation rate – percentage of requests that are escalated to management
Forecast accuracy
Goal attainment rate
Incident rate
Lead time – time from request to fulfillment of request
Mean time between failures
Mean time to repair
On-time delivery rate – percentage of action items delivered to commitments
Productivity rate
Project success rate
Return on assets
Return on investment
Revenue and revenue growth – for teams that are responsible for revenue
Revenue per employee
Risk exposure
Safety incident rate – incidents per thousand work hours
Schedule variance
Service level – percentage of requests that achieve some service target such as response time
Service ratings
Service uptime
Stakeholder satisfaction
Team velocity – work throughput of team
Time to goal
Time to hire
Time to market
Turnaround time
Win rate – for sales teams

Team Metrics

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