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70 Examples of Team Development

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Team development is the process of establishing a team culture. This isn't a one time activity but emerges as teams work together, face challenges, take risks, solve problems, plan and deliver work. As part of this process, culture is a key consideration whereby the team directly discusses expectations and norms and enforces these in their work. The following are common examples of team development organized by the stages of group development first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.


The process of forming a new team with a strong culture whereby you begin identify things such as values, principles, expectations and norms.
Mission & vision
Purpose & goals
Roles & responsibilities
Clear direction
Principles & values
Team meetings
Set expectations
Establish initial norms
Establish processes & procedures
Discuss team expectations
Formally document team culture in a team charter


The turbulent process of competition before team culture is fully in place. This is where team development fails or succeeds.
Mediate disputes
Constant feedback
Constructive criticism
Problem solving activities
Expectation that everyone contributes
Manage disengagement
Manage stakeholder salience
Promote participation
Encourage risk-taking
Manage conflict
Clear authority for decisions
Manage resistance to change
Manage defeatism
Manage negative behavior
Empower agents of change
Those who align to team expectations take the lead


The process of working together and overcoming challenges, problems and social conflict begins to create a sense of comradery and team identity. The team culture begins to take hold.
Culture of accountability
Team building exercises
Sustainable pace of work
Monitor performance
Monitor organizational behavior
Feedback loops
Solidify team norms through shared experience
Team retrospectives
Recognizing and learning from failure
Overcoming challenges together as a team
Cooperative and productive behaviors rewarded
Leaders emerge in team who enforce norms
The team develops a rich culture including shared identity, shared experience, storytelling, norms and expectations


The ongoing performance of a team with a strong team culture based on high expectations for performance and professionalism.
Goal setting
Performance reviews
Promotions based on results
Leadership development
Information sharing
Cross-functional collaboration
Professional development
Learning from failure
Continuous feedback
Customer advocacy
High-performance culture
High expectations
Non-conformance to norms is managed
Opportunities aligned to employee strengths and ambitions
Open communication
Calculated risk-taking
Professionalism is the rule
Open-door policies
Conflict resolution processes
Business processes continually improved
Standards & expectations continually raised
Promote & celebrate successes
Build talent and mentor new team members
Onboarding focused on immersion and acceptance of team culture
Grow team productivity
Build a strong reputation for team
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