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55 Examples of Team Communication

Team communication is the process of transferring meaning and building relationships across a cooperative group. This is important as a means to establish precise requirements and expectations for work. Team communication also serves to generate ideas, plan strategy, solve problems, make decisions, coordinate processes, complete work, develop knowledge, use knowledge, train and onboard employees. The following are common examples of team communication.
Action Items
Change Requests
Communication Plans
Employee Handbook
Goal Setting
Going for Coffee
Idea Board / Box
Improv / Team Building Exercises
Job Descriptions
Knowledge Transfer
Lessons Learned
Lunch & Learns
Management Feedback
Meeting Minutes
Nonverbal Communication
Office Conversation
One-to-one Meetings
Open-door Policy
Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Objectives
Performance Reviews
Presentations & Public Speaking
Problem and Incident Tickets
Project Documentation
Project Meetings
Reverse Brainstorming
Rumors & Misinformation
Setting Expectations
Skip-level Meetings
Software (e.g. project management software that captures project issues)
Stand-up Meetings
Status Reports / Task Trackers
Task Assignments
Team Building Events
Team Calendar
Team Meetings
Team Social Events (e.g. dinners)
Verbal / Written Warnings
Visual Communication
Work Schedule
Working Together on a Task

Team Communication

This is the complete list of articles we have written about team communication.
Action Items
Change Requests
Goal Setting
Knowledge Transfer
Lessons Learned
Meeting Minutes
Team Communication
Team Development
Team Feedback
Team Management
Work Schedule
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