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Types Of Time Management

22 Examples of Time Blocking

Time blocking is the practice of booking blocks of time to focus on a task, activity or objective. This is a foundational time management approach that allows you to focus for a productive period of time in order to reach a state of peak productivity known as flow. The following are illustrative examples of time blocking.
A strict sleep schedule.
Blocking a time each month or week where you organize your bill payments and other unpleasant administrative tasks.
Blocking general productive time on your calendar to avoid having your day completely booked with meetings.
Blocking limited time to process your text communications for the day such as emails and messages.
Blocking time to sustain relationships with people such as relatives, friends or business connections.
Exercise and wellness time.
Going to libraries, co-working spaces or a home office to work for a period of time without distractions.
Limiting an effort to a single meeting without extensions.
Limiting screen time.
Limiting social media time.
Limiting the amount of time that you will think about a problem.
Limiting time spent on entertainment such as streaming media.
Limiting time spent on shopping.
Limiting video game time.
Making a decision in a one hour time block.
Quality time.
Routines such as taking time after work to cook a proper meal.
Social meals such as family dinners where members focus on each other without distraction.
Strictly adhering to the schedule and agenda of a meeting.
Studying in two hour blocks without distraction.
Time boxing problem solving whereby you limit your efforts to a period of time that can't be extended if the problem is still unsolved. Prevents a problem from completely draining your resources.
Training and development time.
Overview: Time Blocking
Definition (1)
The practice of booking blocks of time to focus on a task, activity or objective.
Definition (2)
Allocating and limiting time for an task, activity or objective.
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