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40 Examples of a Work Outcome

A work outcome is the real-world result of your work. This can be contrasted with a work output that is the work itself. For example, a new product is a work output and revenue from that product is a work outcome. The following are illustrative examples of work outcomes.
Improved the average turnaround time for orders by 0.25 days.
Reduced employee turnover by 5%.
Increased sales revenue by 20% month-over-month.
Increase market share by 37%.
Achieved one time cost savings of $1 million.
Reduced software license costs by $40,000 a month.
Launched a product update that improved customer satisfaction by 4%.
Launched three new products to increase monthly revenue by $98,000.
Opened 14 new locations with projected annual revenue of $38.9 million.
Improved inventory management to increase net margins by 0.4% to 30.3%.
Increased brand recognition by 3% across target market.
Increased top-of-mind brand awareness to 7%.
Decreased interest expense by 7%.
Decreased customer complaints by 47%.
Decreased bad reviews by 95%.
Resolved 97% of customer issues within 12 hours.
Improved partner performance by 14%.
Increased revenue per employee by $27,000.
Increased team productivity by 14%.
Generated 490,000 monthly invoices with a defect rate of 0%.
Reduced priority 1 and 2 system incidents by 90%.
Increased system uptime to 99.2%.
Achieved compliance rate of 99%.
Trained 100% of employees in security awareness.
Settled 4.2 million transactions.
Produced 320,000 units with a defect rate of 0.03%.
Introduced a self-service function that reduced calls to customer service by 4,800 a month.
Achieved safety compliance with 0 workplace injuries in the month.
Increased win-rate by 5%.
Increased average deal gross margin by 4% to 43.2%.
Improved employee satisfaction to 89%.
Increased active customers by 1.2 million to 34.7 million.
Increased customer engagement by 4.2% to an average of 16.2 actions a month.
Improved mean time to repair by 8.3% to 3.4 hours.
Improved customer satisfaction with support to 78% from 64%.
Increased the room occupancy rate by 4.7% to 87.9%.
Increased on-time flights to 99.5%.
Served 77,000 customers, an increase of 14% over the same month last year.
Document views increased by 56% to 390,000 a month.
Employee use of the platform increased by 77% over the year to an average of 13.3 hours a month per employee.
Not all work outputs create outcomes -- objectives that you complete may be a step toward future outcomes with no direct result. For example, if you document a plan, this plan has no real world result but may be a valuable step towards some future result. In this case, you can measure this with internal outcomes such as approval of the plan or stakeholder feedback.

Performance Management

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