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27 Examples of Work Productivity

Work productivity is the amount of value you produce in an hour, day, month or year in your work. This is related to your industry and tools. For example, a pilot flying a jet may be more productive than a guy pulling a cart. Work productivity is also related to time management, work processes and prioritization. The following are a few examples of work productivity approaches.
Pomodoro Technique
Breaking work into 25 minute intervals followed by short breaks.
Parkinson's Law
The theory that work expands to fill the time available. In other words, short deadlines improve productivity.
Creativity of Constraints
The theory you can often do more with less – impose constraints that keep work simple and short.
Prioritize tasks based on urgency, value, complexity and the risk that they will fail.
80/20 Rule
The theory that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. Suggests that perfectionism ruins productivity.
Zeigarnik Effect
The theory that incomplete tasks are more memorable than complete ones. Applies to memory related productivity such as learning.
A state of complete immersion in the task at hand such that time flies by.
Two-Minute Rule
Any task that can be completed very quickly should be done immediately to clear it.
Last Responsible Moment
Leaving decisions and planning until they really need to be done.
Ship Often
The practice of regularly updating products to get real world feedback.
Worse is Better
The principle that adding more to things can actually reduce their value.
Eat That Frog
Tackle unpleasant tasks first and your other work will feel easy.
Group similar work together.
Mise en Place
The practice of organizing your workspace for productivity.
Time Blocking
Blocking time to focus on things. For example, clearly setting time for work and family.
A theory popular in the 1990s that doing many things at once is productive. This is quite unfashionable now.
Respect for Time
The principle that you view time as a precious resource not to be wasted.
Time Pressure
Deadlines that increase work intensity.
Time Boxing
Setting a strict limit on a task to avoid time sinks.
Maintaining a list of everything you’d like to do with the expectation that only high priority items will ever be completed.
Automating Toil
Automating work you find unpleasant or low value.
Continuous Improvement
Experimenting with new ways to do things and scaling what works.
Building up an intense desire to do things may increase your energy towards them.
Cultivating the discipline to work hard even when not motivated to do so.
Handling Ambiguity
Making a reasonable decision when there is information missing. Helps you to move ahead.
Being flexible to deal with real world problems and get things done even if results are somewhat imperfect.
Productive Assumptions
Setting assumptions that improve your productivity as opposed to realistic assumptions.
We explore the first principles of productivity below:
Hawthorne Effect
Increased Productivity
Labor Intensive
More With Less
Parkinsons Law
Personal Productivity
Productivity Benefits
Productivity Mgmt
Quality Of Work
Respect For Time
Schedule Compression
Time Boxing
Time Efficiency
Time Sink
Work Habits
Work Management
Work Output
Work Productivity
Work Tasks
Zeigarnik Effect
More ...
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