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Quality of work is the amount of value created by work. This includes elements such as accuracy, completeness, productivity, effectiveness, consistency, creativity and adaptability that add value to work. The quality of most work relates to intangible things such as strategy, decisions, plans, cooperation, designs, professionalism, influencing, relationship building and customer service. It can also relate to the quality of tangible things such as a product or a document. The following are common examples of quality of work.
Diligent research
Attention to detail
Editing and review
Candor and directness
Accurate forecasts
Accurate estimates
Accurate data entry
Lack of errors and mistakes
Communicate correct information
Precise documentation of work
Precise product information
Follow process and procedure
Follow directions
Following schedules
Accurate order processing
Correct billing and invoicing
Diligent planning
Prepares for meetings
Listens to others
Exhaustive research
Thorough analysis
Complete documentation
Detailed explanations
Identification of all risks
Full disclosure
Peer reviewed
Polished work
Takes initiative
Manages commitments
Manages expectations
Sets goals
Minimizes distractions
Efficient use of time
Meets commitments
Effective use of tools
Effective use of automation
Seeks expert opinions
Works independently
Rapid response time
High work rate
Always focused
High engagement
High commitment
Provides timely updates
Communicates issues
Clears issues
Resilient to stress
Improves over time
Shares knowledge
Helps others
Contributes to team culture
Delegates work
Efficient use of resources
Doesn't waste time
Sense of customer needs
Industry knowledge
Trend awareness
Business acumen
Effective strategy
Experiments to discover data
Bases strategy on data
Financial stewardship
Timely decisions
Reasonable decisions
Bases decisions on data
Clear communication
Demonstrates leadership
Personal presence
Builds relationships
Establishes credibility
Establishes rapport
Culturally sensitive
Environmental stewardship
Social responsibility
Professional reputation
Meets deadlines
Arrives on time
Consistently friendly
Consistently professional
Consistently helpful
Consistent attention to detail
Consistent customer service
Positive attitude
Provides consistent direction
Strategy makes sense over time
Decisions align
Consistent deliverables
Follows standards
Follows best practices
Unique ideas
Low fear of criticism
Challenges assumptions
Offers brave ideas
Builds prototypes
Tries new things
Design sense
Sense of usability
Design prowess
Use of design thinking
Visual communication
Creative problem solving
Creative decision making
Considers others ideas
Adapts to change
Recognizes failure
Finds value in failure
Learns from failure
Communicates broadly
Not secretive
Engages others
Delivers despite constraints
Clears issues to progress
Agent of change
Increases revenue
Reduces cost
Increases speed
Increases customer satisfaction
Improves brand image
Improves operations
Manages risk
Creates value
Outcomes are perhaps the ultimate indicator of quality. For example, If a product has high revenue and high customer ratings, it would be hard to argue that it isn't high quality.

Quality Of Work

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