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Time Management

6 Types Of Time Management

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Time management is a series of techniques for making better use of time to be more productive and to improve quality of life. Time is a fundamental constraint and it is common for people to feel that they never have enough of it. Time management strategies and techniques come in several distinct varieties:

Planning, Scheduling & Prioritization

A regular theme of time management is that you will have more time if you organization it. This may have merit, particularly when it comes to prioritization of tasks using techniques such as a backlog.

Productivity Tools

Applications and tools for completing tasks better and faster. For example, an interior designer who saves time with software that simplifies drafting and drawing floor plans.


Automating work with information technology, machines and robots. It can be shown that at the level of a nation or organization, automation can dramatically increase productivity rates. This can also apply to home automation. For example, devices that are taken for granted today such as a washing machine replace once time consuming tasks.

Processes & Habits

Processes and habits that improve outcomes or productivity such as mise en place.


Choosing an efficient, productive and prosperous path saves time. For example, an entrepreneur with a flawed strategy can easily waste years away thinking they are in the trough of sorrow.


Eliminating wasted time. This can involve lifestyle changes such as working from home or living close to what you need. It can be a search for what's important and worthy of your time. Alternatively, it can be a technical task of identifying and reducing activities that waste your time such as unproductive meetings.
Overview: Types Of Time Management
Making better use of time to be more productive and improve quality of life.
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