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Cognitive Biases


7 Concepts of Intelligence

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Intelligence is the ability to understand things, to create new ideas of value and to use information to achieve goals. The following are basic concepts related to intelligence.


Talent is the human ability to create value.

Rational Thought

Rational thought is the ability to think in ways that others would deem reasonable. In other words, it is thinking that is deemed intelligent by the standards of other intelligent beings.
Note: IQ tests measure convergent thinking -- this is a small corner of intelligence that doesn't necessarily map to goals in life such as creativity, influence and winning strategic competitions.


Logic is a class of formal systems that attempt to mimic rational thought.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a class of system that automatically mimics rational thought. This is often done by using test data to create statistical models to predict the results of actions in the real world.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to win what you want in an environment of constraint and competition.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is the ability to create new value and to solve problems with design.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is an ability to understand the potential end-to-end impacts of change to complex systems.
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