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What is an Assumptive Close?

 , updated on August 06, 2015
An assumptive close is a sales technique that involves jumping to the conclusion that a customer has decided to buy based on something they have said.
Customer: My wife does like diamonds
Jewelry Salesperson: I'll wrap it up
It is common for customers to imply that they're considering to saying yes. The assumptive close is a way to bring a customer who is dropping positive hints to a decision.

When To Use

The assumptive close is a difficult technique to master. It is typically used when you're sure a customer wants to make a deal.


When the assumptive close fails it often leads to the customer walking away. It forces the customer into a corner, when they tell you that you've made an incorrect assumption the conversation will suddenly feel tense. For this reason, it is common to perform the assumptive close as if you're half joking.
The assumptive close can lead to purchasers regret if the customer later feels that you pushed them too hard into a sale. It can then be difficult to maintain a relationship with the customer.


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