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Distribution Channels

47 Examples of Distribution Channels

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A distribution channel is a means of reaching the customer with a product or service. This traditionally includes both a means to sell to the customer and a means to deliver your obligations to the customer. For example, a retailer is both a means to sell and to deliver products to the customer. The following are common examples of a distribution channel.
Agents and brokers
App stores - distribute mobile apps and related services
Automated kiosks and vending machines
Business-to-business sales
Business-to-government sales
Channel sales – sales teams that sell to distributors, wholesalers and retailers
Concession stands
Digital platforms for selling and providing services
Direct delivery of services e.g. cutting lawns in your neighborhood
Direct mail
Direct sales – selling directly to the customer
Distribution partners
Distributors – purchase from producers and sell to channels such as retail
Field sales
Flagship locations
Importers in other nations
Inside sales – selling without leaving the office
International sales
International sales partners
Markets in virtual environments such as games
Mobile apps – a type of ecommerce
Online markets
Original equipment manufacturers – put your products inside their products
Person-to-person sales
Physical markets such as a farmers market
Pop-up shops
Referral programs
Sales partners
Social media to promote and deliver services
Subscription boxes
Subscription services
Trade shows and exhibitions
Trading companies – buy from exporters and sell to importers
Value-added resellers
Websites – a type of ecommerce
Digital services can often be sold and delivered electronically through channels such as websites, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms and other types of digital platform such as a game platform.
Goods can flow through multiple distribution channels before reaching the end customer.
Personal selling involves direct communication between a salesperson and a customer. This is common in business-to-business and business-to-government.

Distribution Channels

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