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16 Closing Techniques

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Closing is the process of reaching a sales agreement. Closing is the last stage of the marketing and sales process that actually achieves revenue. Much work may go into a sales opportunity such that a failure to close can be expensive and harshly disappointing. As such, the ability to close is a valued talent and the subject of much theory and strategy. The following are common closing techniques.
Hard selling
Pushing the customer to buy quickly.
Soft selling
Taking time and establishing a sustained relationship with the customer.
Call to action
Directly telling the customer to buy with commanding language.
Gentle suggestions designed to influence the customer.
Assumptive close
Jumping to the conclusion that the customer has decided.
Door in the face
An outrageously high initial price that makes the customer feel that the price they negotiate is a good deal.
Foot in the door
A low price designed to establish a relationship with the customer.
Humor close
Using light humor to half-suggest the customer close e.g. "so I can wrap it up now for you?"
Reversal close
Taking the product away from the customer or implying they can't have it.
Scarcity close
Implying that stock is running out.
Urgency close
Implying that time is running out.
Active silence
Using an uncomfortable silence to prompt the customer to take the next step.
Alternative close
Giving the customer two choices of deal and asking them to choose.
Direct close
Directly asking for the sale e.g. "so do we have a deal?"
Trial close
Asking the customer to try the product with some commitment to buy after the trial period ends.
Question close
Asking a question that would imply a close e.g. "what color do you want?"

Closing Techniques

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