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31 Examples of a Sales Model

A sales model is the structure of how a business sells to customers. This is a fundamental aspect of a business alongside business model and operating model. The following are common examples of a sales model.
Selling through an agent who represents your interests.
Sales based on competitive bidding.
Automated Selling
Sales automation such as a vending machine. Ecommerce is often highly automated.
Bricks and Clicks
The strategic combination of retail sales through physical shops and ecommerce.
Broker Sales
Brokers are independent entities that may represent customers. For example, a shipping broker that seeks the best shipping prices for business customers.
Business to Business
Selling to other businesses.
Channel Sales
Selling through partners.
Complex Sales
Long selling cycles such as responding to an Request to Proposal. This is a type of enterprise sales.
Allowing sales partners to control and sell inventory that you own.
Consultative Selling
Advising the customer to address their needs.
A type of relationship sales whereby you sell your existing customers more.
Selling directly to consumers through dedicated partners.
Direct to Consumer
Selling directly to the consumer without partners such as retailers.
Distribution Sales
Selling to distributors such as retailers as opposed to directly to the consumer.
Ecommerce Selling
Selling through electronic channels such as a mobile app or website.
Enterprise Sales
Selling to large businesses.
Inbound Sales
Waiting for customers to come to you.
Inside Consultative Sales
Consultative sales by a consultant who is being paid to work for the customer.
Mail-order Sales
Accepting orders by mail. A precursor to ecommerce.
Outbound Sales
Identifying and reaching out to customers.
Personal Selling
Selling by communicating in-person with the customer.
Relationship Sales
Building relationships with customers to sustain recurring revenue and/or repeat purchases.
Retail Sales
Directly selling to consumers through a physical and/or electronic location.
Sales Outsourcing
Outsourcing sales to partners while potentially managing the process.
Sales Territory
Dividing customers by their location with teams or partners that are assigned to each group of customers.
Service Sales
Selling intangible services such as business outsourcing.
Social Selling
Networking extensively in a domain or industry to build relationships with industry insiders who may become customers.
Solution Selling
Developing unique solutions for each customer.
Subscription Sales
Selling agreements to regularly purchase something.
Personal selling over the phone.
Transaction Sales
Selling to each customer once with no concern for a relationship or repeat sales.
Overview: Sales Model
The structure of how a business sells to customers.
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