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40 Examples of Sales Performance Goals

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Sales performance goals are targets for the performance of salespeople. The performance of salespeople is heavily measured in terms of revenue including closing sales, retaining customers and developing more revenue from existing accounts. It is easy to measure sales performance but targets that are convincing and compelling are harder to craft. The following are illustrative examples of sales performance goals followed by a list of effective measurements.
Use knowledge of products, customers and competition to craft winning proposals.
Win customer business and close profitable deals.
Develop productive relationships with customers.
Solve customer problems and make sure they gain value from our services.
Own customer problems and follow through to become a trusted advisor.
Be an advocate for the customer to drive product improvements.
Listen to customers and ask pertinent questions to address customer concerns.
Develop in-depth product knowledge.
Develop extensive knowledge of the competition and their value propositions.
Handle customer objections by communicating the value and benefits of products.
Conduct diligent research to understand the customer and their buying motivations and decision structures.
Prioritize to always be working on the most important aspect of high value deals and relationships.
Improve proposals to make value proposition clear and compelling.
Quickly follow up with customers to resolve post-sales issues and inquiries.
Follow process to enter 100% of customer data accurately.
Maintain high visibility in the industry to develop leads and build relationships.
Build relationships with product teams to understand products, industry trends and product roadmaps.
Manage the sales pipeline to clear issues and move all opportunities forward.
Work with marketing to develop more compelling sales collaterals.
Extend customer relationships to win customer referrals.
Develop accurate sales forecasts.
Use advanced negotiation tactics to improve gross margins while closing deals with a high win rate.


The following are examples of sales performance measurements that can be used to make your goals SMART.
Achieve sales target of 900k in the quarter.
Increase revenue to $4.4 million.
Increase monthly recurring revenue to $440,000.
Increase win rate to 60% of proposals.
Increase average deal size to $500,000.
Increase deal gross margins to 70%.
Generate over 20 customer referrals.
Increase the value of customer referrals by 50%.
Increase customer retention to 90% for my accounts.
Decrease customer churn to 4% for my accounts.
Grow revenue per account by 10%.
Increase customer lifetime value by 7%.
Increase conversion rate to 4%.
Reduce customer acquisition cost to $440.
Improve forecast accuracy to +/- 10%.
Achieve post-sales customer satisfaction of 98%.
Decrease opportunity-to-close times by 20%.
Respond to customer inquiries within 2 business hours.
Decrease lead response time to 3 days.
Decrease the average sales cycle from 40 days to 35.

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