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74 Examples of a Sales Strategy

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A sales strategy is a way to close sales and sustain revenue. This may include plans to generate leads, develop proposals, negotiate, close sales, upsell, cross-sell and manage customer relationships to sustain sales. The following are common sales strategies.
Personal selling
Cold calling
Customer referrals
Referral incentives
Referral partners
Sales outsourcing
Influencer marketing
Content marketing
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Event marketing
Booths at conferences and events
Camping strategy - sales office close to customers
Affiliate marketing
Digital advertising
Solution selling
Key account management
Trade shows
Direct mail
Trade magazines
Sales partnerships
Channel partners
Consignment sales
Product demonstrations
Upselling and cross-selling
Sales team commissions and incentives
Price promotions
Lead generation
Buying leads from research firms
Customer retention campaigns
Product launch campaigns
Seasonal / end-of-year sales campaigns
Win-back campaigns - offering former customers deals to come back
Free trials
Limited-time offers
Cashback offers
Financing offers
Gift with purchase offers
Contests and giveaways - typically designed to generate leads
Free samples
Loss leaders
Trade-in promotions
Loyalty programs
Bundling offers
Upgrade incentives
Flash sales
Early adopter offers
Free consultations
Free evaluations
Free inspections
Upgrade credits
Package deals
Reverse marketing - making sure that potential customers can find you and make inquiries e.g. customer initiated sales
Sales gamification - giving sales teams loads of feedback and data about their performance to make sales feel like a competitive game
Account-based marketing - making sales people responsible for a set of accounts including upselling, customer loyalty and customer attrition
Sales intelligence - research such as determining what customers are talking to what competitors
Customer analysis - determining things such as the purchasing cycle and decision makers in your customer's organization
Needs identification - carefully crafting proposals to customer needs
Public speaking
Publishing customer success stories
Soft selling - building a relationship and taking time to sell
Hard selling - pushing the customer to close quickly
Call to action - directly telling the customer to buy now
Nudges - subtle suggestions designed to influence the customer
Foot in the door - a low price designed to establish a relationship to sell more
Door in the face - a high bid designed to make the customer feel better about the actual price they negotiate
BATNA - researching your customers alternatives to determine what price they will accept
Objection handling - the art of countering the customer's stated objections to close

Sales Strategy

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