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What is a Reversal Close?

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The reversal close takes the product away from a customer or implies that they can't have it. This is designed to invoke an opposite response in the customer who may insist that they want to buy. The reversal close is a simple example of reverse psychology. It's based on a common behavior known as reactance whereby people tend to react against having their freedom or range or choices restricted.

When to Use

The reversal close is a somewhat rare technique that can be used when the customer seems suspicious of being sold-to. It only applies to products and services that are conceivably in some limited supply. If you have a shop full of bananas it's going to be hard to convince someone they're all reserved.


People are very aware of the idea of reverse psychology and can easily detect a reversal close unless it is executed in a convincing way. On the other hand, if you're too convincing, the customer may actually walk away thinking the product or service isn't available to them.
For this reason, it is often executed in a subtle way rather than just telling the customer they can't have something. For example, taking a product away and putting it back on the shelf while they're looking at it.
The reversal close can easily be perceived as manipulative or just unfriendly and may stand in your way of establishing a positive relationship with the customer.
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