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42 Examples of Corrective Action

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Corrective actions are steps that are taken to address a problem. This is often compared to preventive action or steps that are taken to avoid a problem in the first place. The following are common examples of corrective actions followed by a few more detailed examples.
Root cause analysis and fixing the root cause of problems
Process improvements
Changes to procedures
Equipment maintenance
Communication initiatives
Updating information
Re-engineering processes
Designing out latent human error
Replacing equipment or infrastructure
Replacing an underperforming partner
Implementing automation such as a script
New or improved validations
Policy updates
Risk mitigation
Team culture initiatives
Data quality improvement
New or improved integration
Quality control checks
Error detection, reporting and notifications
Code changes
Checklists and checkpoints
Redesigning products and services
Improved materials, components or parts
Improved backup and restore processes
Implementing standard operating procedures
New infrastructure
New reporting
New or updated roles & responsibilities
Updating performance objectives, measurements and incentives
Updated quality assurance or quality control practices
Implementing or updating supplier scorecards
Increased resilience such as backup infrastructure
Improved change control processes
Improved configuration management processes
Improved record keeping and documentation processes
New workflows
New approvals
Customer apologies, compensation and customer service recovery


Addressing project problems such as a technical hurdle, business issue, schedule slippage or cost overrun. For example, a critical project resource suddenly resigns and it becomes clear they won't deliver a number of items. A corrective action is proposed that a more junior employee will attempt the work on a best effort basis. Alternatively, a consultant might be brought it to complete the work if stakeholders will accept the associated costs.


Fixing products and services that don't conform to specifications. For example, replacing a machine on a production line that has a high error rate.


Operational corrective actions such as maintenance on equipment and assets that are broken.

Performance Management

In the context of performance management, corrective action implies a problem that can't be addressed with subtle feedback and coaching. It is often viewed as the last step before disciplinary action. For example, a corrective action might involve a formal verbal or written warning to stop being late for work.

Information Systems

The incident management process of troubleshooting failures of IT services and infrastructure. A corrective action is often a short term fix such as backing out a recent configuration change.


A government regulator may issue corrective actions to firms that are in violation of laws and regulations. For example, a government might list corrective actions for a restaurant that is shut down due to insanitary conditions in the kitchen. Such actions might include a requirement to separate work areas, establish acceptable processes and perform cleaning tasks.
Overview: Correction Action
Steps that are required to address a problem.
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