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What is Preventive Action?

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Preventive action is a plan to fix something that's not a problem yet. The action is based on data analysis or the insights of managers, employees, partners or customers. Technically it can't be based on customer complaints since that's already a problem.
In many cases, preventive actions come out of risk analysis or quality improvement initiatives. They tend to have a high rate of return on investment as its often far cheaper to address something before it becomes a problem.
Overview: Preventive Action
Alternate Spelling
Preventative Action
(equally correct but less common)
Management strategy
Risk Management
Customer Service
Organizational Culture
Performance Management
Financial Management
Preventative action deals with uncertainty. As such, it can be difficult to build a concrete business case to support preventative action.
It is often difficult to achieve executive support for preventative action, as business leaders may see it as a theoretical and low priority activity.
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