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62 Examples of Organizational Problems

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Organizational problems are challenges, issues, shortcomings and risks that prevent an organization from meeting goals and objectives. These include structural, cultural, technical and political issues that cause low productivity, failed spending, poor market results and failed changes. The following are common examples of organizational problems.
Inappropriate secrecy
Low morale
Low employee performance
Resistance to change
Lack of consistent strategy
Inability to measure results
Inefficient processes
Low quality products
Poor service culture
Lack of accountability
Failed projects
Systems with poor usability
Systems that don’t align to processes
Low data quality
Legacy systems
High costs for technology
Hidden agendas
Lack of alignment to organizational goals
Conflict between teams
Conflict between individuals
Missed deadlines
Poor market results
Budget overruns
Low creativity
Cross-cultural miscommunication
Conflict of interest
Cybersecurity incidents
Operational failures
Poor service reliability
Poor project management
Low partner performance
Unclear roles and responsibilities
Inconsistent performance reviews
Unfair promotions
Biases and discrimination
Poor working conditions
Safety issues
Security issues
Poor decision making
Financial problems
Wasted resources
Poor customer relationships
Poor investor relationships
Lack of risk management
Poor quality control
Intensive competition
Lack of internal controls
Slow response times
Poor onboarding
Errors and mistakes
Failing products
Legal disputes
Negative publicity
Outdated technology
New regulations
Cost pressures
Reputational issues
Negative internal politics
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