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26 Approaches to Problem Solving

Problem solving approaches are ways of clearing issues, recovering from failure, treating risk and taking steps towards goals. Problem solving is a well understood domain with loads of approaches that have been established by people who have solved many a problem. These include methods of understanding the problem itself and developing and comparing solutions. The following are common problem solving approaches.
First Principles
Working from what you know or hold to be true.
Keep it Simple
Avoiding overthinking to choose a reasonable option quickly.
Design Thinking
Designing problems out.
A practical fix that’s temporary and cheap.
Working Backwards
Starting with goals and determining how to achieve them.
Pareto Analysis
Finding the 20% of things that will solve 80% of your problem.
Corrective Action
Fixing what’s broken.
Good Failure
Looking for value in failure.
Quickly addressing symptoms of a problem with a temporary process.
Root Cause Analysis
Determining the root cause of a problem to permanently fix it.
Data Analysis
Jumping into the data to find explanations and ways out of a problem.
Trial and Error
Trying things to see if they work.
Fail Well
Designing tests to fail quickly, cheaply and safely.
SWOT Analysis
Listing out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Taking steps to determine the cause of a problem.
Problem Statement
Clearly defining the problem and redefining the problem as required.
5 Whys
Asking why five times in succession to dig deeper into a problem.
Working Hypothesis
Developing possible explanations and testing them out.
Brainstorming possible solutions without validation.
Reverse Brainstorming
Listing what could go wrong with potential solutions.
Listing pros and cons of different solutions.
Challenging Assumptions
Challenging what people, including yourself, assume to be true.
Preserving Ambiguity
Not assuming things too early in the problem solving process or jumping to the first solution that presents itself.
No Nothing Strategy
The possibility that doing nothing is your best option.
Dealing with the world as it really exists to accept imperfect solutions that are achievable.
Sanity Check
Asking yourself – does this actually make any sense whatsoever?

Problem Solving

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