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12 Types of Creative Value

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Creative value are products of original thinking that have worth, utility or importance. This implies ideas and outputs that are non-obvious, new and imaginative. The following are common types of creative value.


Art is anything that is valued for its aesthetic appeal. It can be priceless or worthless. Works that are considered priceless are often those that represent an inventive leap forward that sparks new movements and ideas.

Visual Design

Visual design is visual art that is constrained by requirements. Such constraints do not preclude creativity. Although it would be rare for visual design to be considered priceless, it certainly can have creative value.

Goal Planning

The process of establishing goals. Unimaginative goals such as a big revenue target have no creative value. Goals that have the power to unite people behind a worthy mission and vision for the future may have creative value.


Strategies are plans that realize goals in a competitive, complex and constrained environment. Overly complex, risky, unclear or unrealistic strategies may have little creative value. An elegant solution to a complex strategic problem requires significant creative powers or luck.

Business Models

Business models are ways of capturing value. New business models are rare. Most economic activity can be reduced to a dozen business models, many of which are thousands of years old. As such, developing a truly new business model that works well requires significant creativity.


Designs are creations that realize goals. This can include the design of processes, procedures, formulations, methods, systems, products, services, tools, environments, experiences and messages.


Architecture is design at the structural level. It is common for complex things such as buildings, software and infrastructure to be designed first at the structural level and then at a more detailed level such as the interior of a room.

Customer Experience

Customer experience includes areas such as usability, customer service, entertainment, environments and customer-facing processes. This is essentially a type of design that considers end-to-end interactions from a customer perspective.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis benefits from an ability to postulate and investigate inventive theories. For example, the ability to develop a thought experiment that greatly simplifies a problem.

Problem Solving

Individuals who are good at solving complex and intractable problems often describe the process as a creative leap.

Decision Making

The ability to make a reasonable decision quickly in a complex and fast moving environment benefits from creative inspiration.


The social ability to influence people can make use of creative skills in areas such as storytelling, humor and debate. For example, an advertising poster that inspires people to buy an expensive brand may have creative value.
Overview: Creative Value
Products of original thinking that have worth, utility or importance.
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