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Artificial Intelligence
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What is Artificial Knowledge?

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Artificial knowledge is data that has been generated by the thought processes of an artificial intelligence. This may include things such as analysis, predictions, theories and strategies. It exists on a hierarchy of meaning that includes:


Data is the representation of meaning using symbols such as 0 and 1. It includes things that don't have direct meaning to humans such as sensor data.


Information is data that has meaning to humans such as a calculation based on sensor data.

Artificial Knowledge

Artificial Knowledge is data that has meaning to artificial intelligence. It may also be meaningful to humans in forms such as predictions, strategies, theories and analysis.


Knowledge is information that is generated by humans potentially leveraging extremely abstract and sophisticated thought processes such as imagination, creativity and emotion.
Overview: Artificial Knowledge
Definition (1)
Knowledge produced by artificial intelligence.
Definition (2)
High level data such as analysis, strategies and predictions created by artificial intelligence.
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