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What is Name Dropping?

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Name dropping is an influencing technique that seeks to boost an individual's status or authority by mentioning their association with high status people or institutions. This is generally viewed negatively and may be considered brash or pathetic. As a result, name dropping is usually done in a way that makes it appear casual or incidental.
The term name dropping applies to attempts to leverage weak connections to high status people or institutions. Mentioning strong connections isn't typically considered name dropping. If a celebrity is your sister, mentioning her isn't name dropping. If you met a celebrity at a cocktail party five years ago, mentioning it is more likely to be considered name dropping.
Overview: Name Dropping
Mentioning the names of high status people you have met in an attempt to boost your social status or authority on a topic.
Widely viewed negatively, especially when done in an obvious or habitual way.
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