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55 Examples of Communication Needs

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Communication needs are the requirements that an audience has for a communication. These are identified as part of audience analysis in order to increase the value and effectiveness of communication. The following are common examples of communication needs.
Accuracy and precision
Acknowledgment of concerns
Avoidance of jargon and obscure language
Case studies
Celebration & recognition
Collaborative communication
Communication that isn’t dumbed down
Concise communication
Conflict resolution
Constructive criticism
Cultural sensitivity
Data and analysis
Diverse perspectives
Engaging communication
Entertaining content
Financial information such as prices
Frequency & timing of updates
Honesty, candor and authenticity
Insights and actionable recommendations
Lack of repetition
Media channel such as email
Networking opportunities
Norms conformance such as saving face
Opportunity for feedback
Participative communication
Plain language
Practical guidance
Privacy and confidentiality
Quick response times
Real world examples
Reassurance & comfort
Respect for the audience’s intelligence
Respect for time and not wasting time
Respectful tone
Social interaction
Structure and organization of information
Support & resources
Taking action based on feedback
Time information such as schedules
Two-way communication
Usability of communication tools
Value for the cost of communication
Value for time invested in communication
Visualization of data

Detailed Example

Let's say your firm has a cybersecurity incident and you are responsible for communicating the incident to several audiences. The following are examples of potential communication needs.

Direct and accurate reporting of the impact of the incident including revenue impact, costs, compliance and reputational issues. Communication of next steps and what has been done to prevent further incidents.

Compliance reporting that is transparent and detailed.

Direct and honest communication of the impact to customers and any steps that customers need to take to protect themselves. A sincere apology, opportunity for feedback and acknowledgement of customer concerns.

An assessment of the short and long term earnings impact of the incident. If there is no impact, investors may require assurance and comforting.
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