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44 Examples of Business Reputation

Business reputation are the perceptions that stakeholders hold about your business. This includes the perceptions of customers, employees, partners, regulators, investors and the communities in which you operate. Reputation is difficult to build and can be damaged with a single incident. It is viewed as both a valuable and fragile type of competitive advantage. The following are common examples of business reputation.
High standards for product safety and quality.
Helpful, friendly and reliable service.
Positive relationships with customers.
Good working conditions for employees.
Service culture such as norms and expectations for professionalism.
Service recovery and how you handle customer dissatisfaction.
Fair pricing and accurate billing.
Fair terms that are intuitive and clear.
Return policies, cancellation policies and warranties
Diligent risk management practices.
Effective incident and problem management.
The reliability of your products and services.
Listening to customers and responding promptly and professionally.
Using customer feedback to improve products.
The usability of your products and services.
Accuracy of information you provide customers and other stakeholders.
Levels of brand recognition and awareness.
Handling of customer complaints.
Handling of low employee performance.
Tone at the top and the behavior of your executive team.
Ethical business practices.
Your operational impact on people and planet.
Fair dealings with partners and suppliers.
Ethical sourcing and procurement.
Diligence in meeting commitments to customers, employees, partners and investors.
Engaging the communities in which you operate.
Compliance with industry standards.
Compliance with the law.
Meeting your contractual obligations.
Your quality assurance practices and ability to sustain high levels of quality over time.
Financial performance and ability to meet financial obligations and targets.
Level of business continuity preparedness.
Fair competition and avoidance of anti-competitive practices.
Alignment of stated values and operational realities.
Crisis management and how you react to your organizational failures.
Communicating problems to stakeholders in a timely and honest way.
Creating transparency and avoiding needless secrecy.
Sticking to your business and not becoming unnecessarily political.
History and legacy as an organization.
High status partnerships and customers.
Association with high status individuals and institutions.
The professionalism and talent of your employees.
Promptly dismissing employees for ethical lapses and poor performance.
Committing to the career development of high performing employees.
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