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What is Plan-Do-Check-Act?

 , updated on May 05, 2017
Plan-do-check-act is a generic business process that is widely used for continuous improvement and strategy implementation. It is an iterative process of four steps:


Develop a plan for change as a detailed specification.


Implement and launch the change.


Evaluate that results are an improvement with an eye for unanticipated secondary impacts. Checks can be based on both measurements and human observation.


Decide what to do next based on the results. If the change didn't produce the improvements you hoped for you might revert things to their former state. If the change was partially desirable you might keep it in place and start another plan-do-check-act cycle.
Overview: Plan-Do-Check-Act
TypeBusiness Process
Continuous Improvement
DefinitionAn iterative process for continuous improvement and strategy implementation.
Also Known AsPDCA
Associated WithWilliam Edwards Deming
Francis Bacon
Related ConceptsBusiness Processes
Continuous Improvement
Corrective Actions

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