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4 Examples of Service Life

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Service life is the lifespan of a product from manufacture to end-of-life processing such as reuse and recycling. The term can also be applied to other physical items such as infrastructure, buildings, industrial equipment and vehicles. The following are illustrative examples.


A high rise building may have a service life of 50 years or more. Estimates of service life are relevant to financing arrangements and insurance.


The service life of commercial aircraft commonly exceeds 20 years. Estimates of service life are important to financing and investment decisions for airlines. As aircraft age, they typically require more extensive maintenance to guarantee safety.


Manufacturers of products may provide conservative estimates of service life of several years. This may be done in an attempt to encourage customers to buy again and to limit product liability.


Infrastructure such as solar panels may offer a long warranty in order to increase bankability and allow financing arrangements to span decades.
Overview: Service Life
The lifespan of a product from manufacture to end-of-life processing such as reuse and recycling.
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