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18 Examples of Product Marketing

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Product marketing is the process of promoting and supporting the sales of products. This is usually distinct from product development. In many organizations, product marketing begins with the go-to-market strategy for a product and is focused on demand generation, market penetration and adoption. The following are common examples of product marketing.

Product Development

Work with product development teams to begin planning the go-to-market strategy of upcoming products.

Market Research

Identify and analyze target markets, competition, customer perceptions and needs.

Product Positioning

Developing a unique value proposition and identity for products.

Product Identity

The brand identity of products.

Product Packaging

Managing packaging design.

Product Pricing

Developing a pricing strategy and managing day-to-day price competitiveness.


Planning and executing the launch and initial promotion of a product.

Promotional Content

Develop promotional content.

Product Messaging

Coordinate consistent messaging around the brand and product features, functions and competitive differentiators.

Product Storytelling

Create powerful narratives that capture the emotional, social and logical appeal of a product.

Product Promotion

Messaging such as advertising and influencer marketing designed to promote products.

Product Adoption

Product and feature adoption campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

Coordinated and integrated activities designed to promote and sell a product. For example, increasing production, decreasing price and increasing advertising as part of a sales campaign.

Sales Management

Support sales management including things like sales collaterals, training and promotional campaigns to drive sales.


Event related promotion such as booths at conferences.

Sales Partnerships

Develop and support sales partners.

Sales Channels

Develop and provide promotional support for sales channels such as retail and ecommerce.

Growth Marketing

Work with cross-functional teams to plan and execute growth strategies such as entering new markets.
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