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5 Examples of Moment Of Truth

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Moment of truth is a customer's first interaction with a brand, product or service. The term suggests that customers quickly form an impression that tends to endure. Moment of truth has several common variations:


A customer first encounters a new mobile device in a shop and takes a look.


A customer's first stay at a new hotel in a city they often visit.


A customer's first stay at a chain of hotels.

Second Moment of Truth

A customer's first interaction with a product after purchasing it. For example, a child who unwraps a new toy at Christmas.

Zero Moment of Truth

When a customer first hears about a new brand, product or service from friends or media sources. For example, a customer who reads a review of a mobile device on an ecommerce site.
Overview: Moment Of Truth
A customer's first interaction with a brand, product or service.
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