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6 Examples of Productization

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Productization is the strategy of turning an internal business capability into a commercially viable product. The following are illustrative examples.


An aircraft manufacturer offers training in reliability engineering to firms in other industries.


An international bank has a trading platform that is integrated with major stock exchanges. The firm uses the platform to offer a trading API to smaller regional banks.


An entertainment company decides to rent out facilities such as studios when they aren't being used by internal projects.


An ecommerce company with extensive logistics capabilities offers to manage the end-to-end logistics for small sellers on its platform for a fee.


A hotel chain offers hotel operations services to properties outside its brand.

Custom Products

A software company develops a custom integration adapter for a bank to connect its product to a market data service. The company later decides to release the adapter as a product for all customers.
Overview: Productization
Transforming an internal business capability into a commercially viable product.
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