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27 Examples of Product Management

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Product management is the practice of managing a portfolio of products throughout their lifecycle from concept to end-of-life. This can be thought of as the strategic management of product development and product marketing. The following are common product management techniques and considerations.
Competitive analysis
Customer adoption and engagement
Customer advocacy – using real world feedback to improve products
Customer insights
Feature planning and prioritization
Go-to-market strategy – plans for launching a product
Market research
Product concepts and concept testing
Product design
Product development
Product marketing – the process of promoting a product to generate demand
Product planning
Product positioning
Product pricing
Product quality – quality assurance, control and improvement for a product
Product related partnerships
Product reporting and KPIs
Product requirements
Product roadmaps
Product strategy such as a plan to increase market share
Product updates
Product vision
Release planning
Sales and operations planning – align product production to sales efforts
Sales forecasts for a product
Sales training for a product
User experience design
Product development usually falls under product management but product marketing is often a separate function and team.
Product marketing involves much cross-functional collaboration with teams such as product development, business units, operations, product marketing and sales.
Product management is typically responsible for the profit/loss of a product.

Product Management

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