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34 Types of Product Strategy

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A product strategy is a plan to develop a new product or improve results from an existing product. It is a marketing activity that often includes the following types of strategy:

Adoption Lifecycle

Strategies for achieving your first few customers for a new product and building momentum from there.

Backward Invention

Removing features from a product for introduction at a lower price point.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the practice of creating relationships between products such as a product line.


Costs, both fixed and variable, are an important product strategy element. In many cases, a firm may try to establish cost leadership for a particular product.

Customer Service

Customer services such as sales, delivery, customer experience, support, feedback and complaint handling.

Brand Identity

The unique character of a brand in the eyes of customers.

Brand Recognition

The visual symbols of your products and packaging that make them recognizable to customers.

Business Model

The fundamental way that your product generates value.


Design such as architecture, functional design, user interfaces and aesthetics.


How you will sell and deliver the product. A distribution strategy may include channels such as ecommerce, retail, wholesale, direct selling and partners.


Creating diverse products to reduce the risk of concentrating on a particular industry, business model, product category or product.

Exit Strategy

A plan that's designed to minimize impact if the product fails on the market.


Features that add value to a new or existing product.

Feature Reduction

A new product that avoids unpopular features that are common amongst the competition. In many cases, customers may find certain features cumbersome, intrusive or annoying.

Feature Removal

Removing a feature from an existing product because it isn't profitable in some way. For example, a feature may be costly to maintain or represent a risk.

Figure Of Merit

It is common for product development to focus on improving a figure of merit that customers use to compare products such as the cost per watt of solar panels.


How the product will be launched including initial distribution, price and promotion. In many cases, a product that is developed quickly is launched as a beta until it is considered fully stable.

Market Research

Gathering information about competing products and market trends. Important to industries such as fashion in which a particular style of garment, material and color may dominate a season.

Mass Customization

A product strategy that allows customers to customize the product using interactive design tools.


Targeting an identifiable group of customers who have unique preferences.


Strategies that consider the position of a product relative to the competition.


Price strategies are commonly designed to find ways to charge price insensitive customers a higher price while still selling to price sensitive customers who may represent the bulk of your revenue.


A strategy that sells an item as a service that was traditionally sold as a product. Potentially results in a closer relationship with customers and a steady stream of revenue from subscription fees and usage based charges.

Product Differentiation

Strategies to make a product stand out in a crowded market.

Product Name

In many cases, a great deal of thinking goes into finding a distinctive, memorable and meaningful name for a product.

Product Quality

Quality is anything that gives a product or service value to the customer. It is a common mistake to think of quality in terms of durability alone. In fact there are endless factors that contribute to quality.


Promotion is any activity designed to communicate information about your product and brand.

Quality Assurance

Making sure that delivered products and services conform to your specifications and design.

Risk Types

Managing the risks associated with products such as liability risk due to a faulty design.

Source Of Supply

How the product or its materials and component parts will be procured.


Producing products and services using sustainable design techniques.

Target Market

Identifying your target customers is a fundamental starting point for product development and product management.

Time To Market

Strategies to improve time to market such as fail often innovation.

Voice Of Customers

Working with customers to gather ideas and feedback.

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