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Product vs Feature

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A product is an item, information source, tool, environment or service that has enough value in the opinion of customers that they might buy it.
A feature is a characteristic or function of a product that gives it more value.

The Difference

A product is sellable. That doesn't mean that it is necessarily sold, only that it has enough value to command a price.
A feature adds value but isn't something that customers would buy on its own. A feature may be added to a product to make it more valuable. Alternatively, a feature may be offered separately to build your reputation or to promote products or brands.


Image editing software provides a popular tool that can tell you the color code of any pixel in a photo. Most customers wouldn't be willing to pay for the feature on its own but view it as a benefit of the product.
Product vs Feature
Something a firm produces or delivers that customers are willing to purchase.
A function, characteristic, service or tool that customers may value but aren't willing to purchase on its own.

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