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9 Examples of Security Risk

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Security risk is the potential for losses due to a physical or information security incident. Physical security includes the protection of people and assets from threats such as fire, natural disasters and crime. Information security is the protection of information from unauthorized use, disruption, modification or destruction. The following are common examples of security risks.

Physical Security

Threats to personal safety such as accidents, terrorism, crimes and natural disasters.

Cybersecurity Risk

The risk of data breaches, cyberattacks and other cybersecurity incidents.

Disaster Risk

The risk of disasters such as earthquakes, fires and hurricanes.

Political Risk

The risk of political disruptions and instability.

Environmental Risk

Environmental disasters and adverse effects such as severe air pollution.

Infrastructure Risk

Risk to critical infrastructure such as energy grids.

Water Security

Access to clean water and risk to this supply.

Food Security

Access to sufficient food and risks to this supply.

Public Health Risks

Outbreaks of diseases and other health emergencies.
Overview: Security Risk
The potential for losses due to a physical or information security incident.
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