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Risk Management

Risk Guide

 , December 28, 2022 updated on March 16, 2023
This guide outlines hundreds of common risks and risk management techniques. Risk surrounds every action and inaction in life. As such, everyone manages risk. We've designed this guide to be simple, concise and unambiguous. Check it out:


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An extensive list of risks and risk management techniques.

Risk Opposite

The true opposites of risk.

Negative Risk

The definition of negative risk with examples.


An overview of safety with examples.


An overview of debt with examples.

Natural Disasters

An overview of the common types of natural disaster.

Unforced Error

The definition of unforced error with examples.

Internal Risks

The definition of internal risk with examples.

Business Impact

A list of business impacts.

Risk Meaning

The meaning of risk with examples.

Risk Measurement

An overview of different ways to measure risk with examples.

Risk Impact Examples

A list of common risk impacts with a few detailed examples.

Change Risk

An overview of change risk with a list of examples.

Good Risk Examples

An overview of good risk with examples.

Risk Management

An overview of the risk management process.

Business Impact Statement

Full examples of business impact statements.

Brand Risk

The common types of brand risk.

Context Of The Organization

An overview of context of the organization with examples.

Risk Objectives

Examples of measurable risk objectives.

Crisis Management

An overview of crisis management with examples.

Lessons Learned Examples

An overview of lessons learned with examples.

Risk Costs

An overview of risk costs with a list of examples.

Risk Characteristics

The basic characteristics of risk.
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